The Science of Making Money


Enora Global Fund’s approach is based on systematic trading with a laser focus on risk. Although our investment team’s experience and expertise play an important role in identifying opportunities and designing strategies,

we use automated systems to ensure that emotions and biases play no part in the trading process.

  • Distilling Clarity from Complexity
  • Generating Value from Volatility
  • Building Resilience against Risk

We Are
Enora Global Fund

We apply cutting-edge technologies to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns by deploying more than 15,000 systematic trading strategies across asset classes around the world.

We term our approach as the science of making money, which differentiates us from the conventional gut-feel driven model by removing human bias and emotion from the trading process.

We deliver these returns by combining world-class technology and in-depth market experience and expertise from our team of data scientists, quantitative researchers, software engineers and financial investment professionals.