The Science of Making Money

Investment Terms

  • Minimum Subscription
    USD 100,000
  • Subscription
  • Redemptions
  • Lock-in
    3% Penalty (withdrawal within 1 year)
  • Management Fee
    2% p.a.
  • Performance Fee

Key Portfolio Parameters

  • Geographic Mandate
  • Borrowing
    Margin based exposure
  • Liquidity
    Max 5 days for full exit
  • Target Return
    ~20% USD Net Return with low drawdown
Since its launch in 2017, the Enora Global Fund has outperformed 99% of global indices and the vast majority of other hedge funds. Between 1 January 2017 and 1 May 2021, the fund delivered an annualised gross return of 20.21%.
We believe that consistency is key. Enora’s returns have been positive in every year of its operation. The fund has also delivered positive returns in 72% of calendar months since launch.
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Investor Confidence & Protection Measures

  1. If at any time the Fund’s Drawdown reaches 15% from the current year high the following actions will be taken
    a) Immediate intimation will be sent to all investors
    b) Any applicable redemption fee or lock-in will be waived
    c) Investors will have the right to full/partial redemption


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