The Science of Making Money
The Enora Fund’s strategy is based on systematic trading with a laser focus on risk. Although our investment team’s expertise plays an important role in identifying opportunities and designing strategies,

we use automated systems to ensure that emotions and biases play no part in the trading process.

To achieve our objectives, we apply data science techniques including optimisation and artificial intelligence (AI) to predict short-term price movements in scores of different trading instruments.


Our pattern recognition algorithms are designed to identify and exploit inefficiencies in the world’s financial markets. We trade in any highly liquid instruments across asset classes that allow us to bring our expertise, experience and technology to bear.

These instruments include listed equities and exchange-traded equity derivatives, including futures contracts, swaps and forwards. We also invest in currencies, currency derivatives, rated and unrated bonds and government securities.

We take both long and short positions in these instruments. This allows us to be agnostic as to the direction of the underlying asset. The sole constraint on our investment universe is the availability of reasonable liquidity in the instruments in which we trade.

The limits on our fund's gross exposure are set to ensure that we always remain within our risk tolerance. We never borrow to provide broker margins. Instead, we increase gross exposure through the inherent leverage built into exchange traded futures and options.

Our obsession with controlling risk means that we employ a number of hedging techniques to shape the risk-adjusted return of our fund.

Refine & Update

Our process is never static. We constantly refine and update our algorithms, drawing on our extensive quantitative abilities and proprietary technologies.