The Science of Making Money

What sets us apart

Performance Consistency

The hedge fund market is large and diverse. So what makes us different? The two-word answer is Performance Consistency – since inception we have consistently out-performed most hedge funds and global market indices.

Method-not- Magic

Enora is not a ‘black box’ fund. We are transparent about what we are trying to do and how we aim to achieve it. Investors can obtain much more clarity on our processes than they can in attempting to look inside a typical hedge-fund manager’s head. We have clear criteria for including a strategy in our portfolio, and we also have stringent stop-loss measures and exclusion policies. If a strategy hits a stop-loss, we remove it from the portfolio. So there’s no voodoo in what we do – we operate on method, not magic.

Pro-active Investor Protection

Confidence in our ability to control risk is reflected in our offer that in the event of a 15% drop from any year-high point with immediate notification and the right to redemption with all applicable fees waived.

Stable & Tenured Management

Our management team is long-established and highly experience financial investment professionals. Our proprietary technologies and platforms are world-class and our systematic approach is tried, tested and continuously tempered by enhancements and innovations.

Team Capacity & Capability

We exceed our peers in terms of our team-size vis-à-vis our current AUM. We currently have a team of 100, consisting of data scientists, quant researchers, software engineers and traders. Most hedge funds acquire this depth of capability when their AUM is in Billions – at which point large systematic hedge funds suffer a drop in performance.


By building rapid scale-enabling capacity we offer investors access to technologies and expertise that are usually available with only very large hedge funds, but with the risk-adjusted performance and relatively modest entry criteria of a much smaller and agile vehicle.