The Science of Making Money

The Enora Global Fund is managed by Autus Capital Mauritius. It leverages a large talent base of individuals comprising data scientists, quant researchers, software engineers and trading professionals located across Mauritius, UK, UAE, India and Philippines.

About the Firm

Senior members of our portfolio-management and advisory teams have an average experience of over 20 years each each in systematic trading and the application of artificial intelligence and related technologies.

Our highly experienced and expert team of financial trading professionals is supported by quantitative researchers and data scientists – all of whom hold doctorates and master’s degrees from renowned techno-academic institutions. Most have been with us for more than a decade.

Enora Global Fund – Facts & Factoids


Trading portfolios spanning Equity, Commodities & currencies.


Percentage of global indices out-performed since public launch *


Positive returns years since public launch*

18.6 %

Average annual Net Investor Return (US$)*


Trades executed daily


Proprietary systematic trading strategies deployed


Percentage of profitable months since public launch


Span of Systematic trading instruments

*Performance Period : 1st January 2017 (Fund Launch) to 31st December 2021 (Last Completed Year)

Enora Global Fund - Awards & Accolades

Highest Annualized Returns For AI-enabled Funds Globally

( 2017 - 2020)*

Highest Annualized Resturns For India centric Funds (US$)

(2017 - 2020)*

Out-performed Major Global Indices Since Fund Launch

(1st Jan ‘17)**

Highest Return in Asia Amongst Funds With Lowest Drawdown

(2017 - 2020)*

Highest Sharpe Ratio of All USD Denominated India-centric Funds

(2017 - 2020)*

*Eureka Hedge
**Industry data and publications