The Science of Making Money

The nexus of human and artificial intelligence

We take a systematic approach to trading that combines the experience of our market professionals with cutting-edge technology. Our proprietary algorithms provide a framework in which our analysts generate trading strategies that recognise profitable patterns in the instruments we trade
These patterns tend to be short term in nature – typically occurring over only a few days or even within a single day.
We then aggregate successful trading strategies in sub-portfolios, each of which can contain hundreds of strategies. All of these strategies must be viable regardless of market direction, and they are only added to our ‘live’ sub-portfolios if they significantly improve the risk/return profile.

The sub-portfolios are combined to create the Enora Global Fund’s overall portfolio. We deploy the component strategies with strict buy and sell triggers, and with hard stop-loss limits – a crucial element in our management of risk. If any strategy hits its stop-loss limit, we remove it from the portfolio – no ifs, no buts and no room for emotion or bias.