The Science of Making Money
The Enora Fund’s strategy is based on systematic trading with a laser focus on risk. Although our investment team’s expertise plays an important role in identifying opportunities and designing strategies,

we use automated systems to ensure that emotions and biases play no part in the trading process.

The proprietary technology that powers our fund spans the entire operational spectrum. It includes strategy and algorithm development, trade execution, portfolio construction, and the evaluation and mitigation of risk.


All of our processes are managed by technologies that we design and configure in house, and all of our technology is rigorously back-tested.

We develop our algorithms using a wide range of data-analysis tools to create our trading  ‘logic engines’. These draw on various optimisation techniques, including genetic algorithms, neural networks, AdaBoost, support-vector machines, K nearest neighbour, regression analysis, naïve Bayes classification and grid search.

Our logic engines allow us to create a range of trading strategies that we fine-tune with high-performance computing technologies before deploying them in the market under strict operating conditions. By combining these trading strategies, we are able to create sub-portfolios of diverse algorithms that can generate superior risk-adjusted returns.

Refining our strategies is an ongoing process. We are constantly creating new strategies so that the Enora Global Fund evolves with the markets. Throughout, we are supported by our team of veteran analysts, market specialists and data scientists.

We also draw upon external consultants with rich experience in particular areas. All of our AI software has been developed in partnership with elite educational institutions